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When was the last time you got a letter in the mail that wasn’t a pitch from a cause, business, or a formality between friends?

Finding a “real” letter in my “real” mailbox that is newsy and from a companion is a rarity. The last letter like this that I received was 5 months ago. It was a birthday card. Two more followed. My fingers massaged the envelopes and opened them with the precision of a brain surgeon. Every inch of this unusual encounter was to be savored. I had received an HTM. A Hug Through the Mail. Mmmm.

The hugs turned to an idea: to write letters. Lots of letters. Janie letters, ones to delight by surprise, commentary and particularly presentation. There were letters written on paper shaped like initials and chapbook-like letters. Notes are written that hold crossword puzzles, riddles, photographs, secret codes.

It is about connecting in a personal, fun, self-expressed way. I want the person who receives my letters to enjoy an experience. Best of all it is a two-way street. Sending is as pleasurable as I hope receiving will be. An experience not be deleted or cast aside by a click on a keyboard. One that can last.

Here are some HTM photos of cards ready to be written and put in the mailbox. Having the presentation part of the process completed makes writing a letter more relaxed and words flow unhurried.

I challenge you to take out pen and paper and write an old-fashioned letter to someone to add unexpected delight to their day. There are plenty of simple ways to give your letter a personal look. One of the easiest is to buy an inexpensive pair of scissors that leave a decorative edge when used. Use the scissors on any or all sides of your paper, or add stickers for color and fun,sign your name or the receivers name in balloon letters, decorate the envelope with a picture cut from a magazine, spray the paper with perfume, cut the writing paper into a heart shape by folding it in half, drawing a half heart on the paper, then cut along your line, open the paper and voila! Just remember not to cut the where the fold is.  It doesn’t have to be fancy to be heartfelt.

Happy Letter writing!

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