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Photograph courtesy of Cris Aronson



Imagine swallowing an elixir that triggers so much serenity and contentment in your body, that the tug of time loses its importance. Unknowingly you’ve slipped into a mental, physical and emotional state of well-being.

This tranquil state is precisely the stomping ground I hope my expressive art students tramp through during out time together. The world outside our space is a distant galaxy with its own atmosphere. With the cacophony of everyday life silenced, we are moved to explore and learn- about our medium and ourselves.

This is what I have coined, “The My-Light Zone”. Creepy music and Rod Serling’s voice reflecting on the nature of the universe is foreign.

If asked for a visual description wildly different answers would arise.

            “Mine is pink and carpeted with flamingo feathers.”

           ” Mine has a carousel and chocolate milk squirts from a drinking fountain”.

            “There’s a weathered farm table with stacks of patterned paper and a chipped china cup filled with something warm waiting for me, in my My-Light Zone.”

Everything is custom designed.

You can arrive in your My-Light Zone with a carry-on of pencil or pen and something to draw/write on, or with a suitcase stuffed with supplies. Scissors, glue, tape, colored and textured papers, magazines, markers, paint, whole punches and of course rhinestones, lots and lots of rhinestones, spread across my table.

“How do I get there?” you may ask. “By bus, train, boat, plane?  Are reservations required? How about a GPS, a raingear, durable shoes?”

The ride is free. The only requirements, are the willingness to let go of expectation and the courage to begin.

The My-Light Zone is my favorite place to be. As different as our spaces may look, my hope is that all who enter this zone leave with the same refrain, “I’d like to stay longer. I’m coming back!”

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