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Big Print is a blessing! When anything written arrives with a type face 14 points or larger my day just got better. Why? Ah, dear reader, let me share…

There is a reason I have a penchant for purchasing readers for every room of the house and several pairs for the studio. I temporarily loose track of things. Time and well-working brain cells are high on my priority list. This means efficiency and not spending time stressing or screaming because “I can’t work without my glasses!!” is critical.

Big Print saves lives. Not mine so much, but the lives of those around me who don’t want to be wheedled into scavenging for glasses, or hear a litany of moans that 15 pairs of readers (I have back-up someplace), are definitely not sufficient and why don’t readers come in fluorescent colors with flashing lights? Or worse, threats of running away from home and not making dinner until after the glasses are found.

Struggling to read the unexpected and unpleasant is infinitely easier to absorb with a level head than one riled up because even when squinting all that can be seen are the words, “Your service has been discontinued.”

The less effort spent doing what I don’t like, opens time-space for more meaningful ventures and mind-space for things that promote physical and mental well-being. Large letters can help maintain normal blood pressure, the ability to problem solve, eye strain, enhance sleep, keep the brownies in the freezer untouched and weight under control. BIG type saves lives.

Sharman Nittoli is the creator of “Live Your Bloom”,

( which is a community encouraging people to live life to the fullest for as long as they can.”

Enjoy her song about big print

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  1. Sharman February 11, 2022 at 11:31 am - Reply

    As I sit on my couch, I see multiple color-coded glasses strewn around the living room, both “his” and “hers”; reading, driving distance and both computer and piano distance. Great blog, Janie!

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